Back pain....put it behind you...

Lower back pain (often known as lumbago) is particularly common, although it can be felt anywhere along the spine – from the neck down to the hips - referred pain.

Upper back pain can be caused by poor posture, related neck pain associated with anything from carrying heavy loads, children or shoulder bags.

Both can be caused by inactivity and sitting for long periods of time - which many of us do - some for up to 8 hours a day.

Relief is on hand - bakpro is quick, easy to use and is equally effective combating upper and lower back pain.

So...what is bakpro™

At bakpro we want to start a revolution against pain, sitting and stress.

We want to start a new community of people, who are more aware about their lives, their bodies and the environment they live and work in, as well as those of their children. Whether you are 7 or 77 BAKPRO is for you!

WHAT IS IT...? It's a box of ingenious tools to release your pain and all of the tissues of your body. It's a definitive, holistic programme of exercises to release and maintain your muscles and spine. It integrates the body/ mind approach to educate and empower you to understand, change and take control.

It's awesome, give it a go, what have you got to lose?! At only £125 per set, it's a small investment for your important body!

Lower and upper back pain - let's start a revolution - find out more below or click on the right to buy your bakpro set now

More about us and what we do

What is bakpro and how does it work?

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Breathing Introduction

Sleep Introduction

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