What is bakpro™

bakpro has been formulated from 20 years of experience to provide a truly holistic approach to your spinal and muscular health. It actually goes much deeper than that. We have included several components which also improve your psychological and physiological wellbeing, because at bakpro we believe all of those things are fundamentally linked.

Our aim is to educate and guide you and most of all to give you back control of your body. This will allow you to understand how you can improve it and love it a little bit more. It will show you how to relieve pain, release movement, restore posture, balance and strength and most importantly feel better

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Dear Nick,
Just to let you know I bought the Bakpro kit for Katie and I and we have just had a go with all of the equipment and exercises. We LOVE it! For the first time in many months Katie's pain has been relieved. And with your voice echoing across our kitchen it felt like you were here! I haven't seen Emma so cheerful for such a long time! Thank you so much! She has been in so much pain and is feeling much better today. Thank you! Sophie B.

Dear Nick, Many, many thanks for your last e-mail. It was very kind of you to reply and to supply much appreciated information. You'll be pleased to learn that my back is a lot better. I cannot express my thanks adequately for the help, advice and support that I've received from you. I also feel that purchasing the Bakpro set of equipment and DVD has empowered me to help myself to a better state of health. The Bakpro system is money well spent, indeed I would say that it's definitely my 'best buy' of 2018. Best wishes, Wanda.

“Nick Potter is the man who taught me how to breathe’’ Elton John

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