Bakpro Back Alignment Box



The Bakpro set of tools comprises The Stim Stick, The Stim Ball, The Stim Roller and Bioprene sleeve, a DVD and booklet. This is all beautifully packaged into our Bakpro box.

The Stim Stick

This is to reach painful trigger points you can’t normally reach in the neck, shoulder, back and buttocks.

The Stim Ball

To work on specific areas that require a different kind of pressure, including hips, buttocks and pelvis. Designed for maximum comfort.

The Stim Roller and Bioprene Sleeve

Similar to regular foam rollers but collapsible for travel and storage and anti-microbial. Used to realign the spine and to release special tissues as well as enhance breathing exercises.

DVD and Booklet

The programme takes a uniquely holistic approach, incorporating the elements of stress, pain, sleep and breathing science. All elements are fully explained in the booklet which is filled with fascinating facts and diagrams clearly and simply presented. The DVD presents full coverage of all the exercises using each of the tools. All of the exercises are also available to view on this website,