bakpro for children

bakpro are leading a revolution in spinal awareness for our children!

The medical profession are becoming increasingly concerned that more and more children are attending clinics, complaining of spinal and musculoskeletal pain.

Symptoms such as neck and back pain, headaches and generalised joint and muscle pain are all too common. It is becoming much more evident that the causes are due to lack of exercise, stress (in the form of pressure to perform) but most importantly long periods of sitting, either at a screen or in their lives generally (gaming, TV, phones and iPads).

As well as being at screens too long children are regularly carrying heavy bags of books, files and sports gear, loaded onto one shoulder. At least, this causes muscle pain and at worst it can actually cause spinal curvature.

A recent study showed that the average 10 year old will spend up to 9.6 hours a day at a screen of some sort.

That's scary isn't it?

Many parents don't know, that schools are increasingly using in-class computing, to support lessons. This is usually in the form of a laptop, on low tables with poor posture. 

This, in combination with poor levels of exercise, means we are producing a new, unhealthy generation of children, who will suffer with many preventable conditions. 

1/3 of babies born today can be expected to live to 100 and the average life expectancy of the rest is 85! If their problems start now that's a whole load of misery in their old age!

So lets do something about it.

The bakpro system can help all the family free their bodies of these problems. It is not just the tools which will help, but the whole information and awareness package we provide to help your body on every level. 

So join us in the bakpro revolution and get involved.