At bakpro we are obsessed with breathing.

It is believed that as much as 60% of the population do not breathe properly.

That's scary.

What we mean by that, is they either breathe too quickly and shallowly (hyperventilation) or they breathe with their upper chests and not their diaphragm (an inverted breathing pattern). Many also hold their breaths for extended periods without knowing it.This not only creates a lot of tension in all of their muscles but fundamentally changes their body and brain chemistry.

It can affect your ability to think and learn by 25%

You waste 30% more energy a day by breathing badly

It has even been clinically proven to speed up ageing

The bakpro programme booklet and videos take you through how to assess and correct your breathing. It will also help you to permanently improve it. Even more importantly, it is vital to and enhances the whole bakpro programme.

This isn't wooden beads and jelly sandals stuff, its hard science.

So please... read the breathing section of the booklet
its crucial.