A box of tools designed to


  • Release and relieve tension and pain in your muscles
  • Stretch them to restore them to their healthy state
  • Re-balance your posture
  • Restore wellbeing
Bakpro product







The Stim Stick reaches and releases painful ‘trigger’ points you can’t normally reach in the neck, shoulder, back and buttocks.

The Stim Ball works on specific areas that require a different kind of pressure including hips, buttocks, pelvis and even the feet. It is designed to be grip-comfortable for arthritic hands.

The Stim Roll unlike regular foam rollers is collapsible for travel and storage and anti-microbial. Used to realign the spine and to release special tissues.

The Bak Booklet contains full instructions on how to use bakpro and the specialist exercises. It comes in multiple formats, as well as a mobile and interactive website.

The DVD disc is for those of you who want to do the exercises at home on a DVD player, laptop or TV.

bakpro is for everyone

Our modern lifestyles can be very hard on our spines and bodies, which means at some point in our life we are likely to suffer from:
Low back or neck pain
Joint or muscular pain
Age related or general stiffness
Stress and Anxiety
ME or post viral fatigue
TMJ (jaw) pain
Sleep problems


bakpro is not intended to replace consulting a physician or other qualified professional.

Relieve your pain… Release your stiffness… Free your muscles

Introduction to Tools

Breathing Introduction

Sleep Introduction