Nick's tips to avoid back pain

Tips of the week... how to look after your back - as seen in The Week

Osteopath Nick Potter offers his advice on how to avoid back pain

  • If you wear bifocals and spend time looking at a screen every day, the glasses could throw your posture. You’d do better to get a cheap pair of the near vision lenses for computer work to keep at your desk.
  • Don’t cross your legs while you’re sitting at your desk.
  • When you’re making a call, avoid trapping the telephone under your chin.
  • A backpack will be friendlier to your back than other kinds of bag. Wear it high up your body and carry as little as possible – no more than 15% of your body weight.
  • Try not to sleep on your front: it’s bad for both your neck and lower back.
  • Down-filled pillows don’t give your neck much support, because they pack down over the course of the night. Get a pillow made from latex foam – it should offer lots of support while being soft enough to contour to the shape of your head.

Source: The Times