Nick Potter's response to The Guardian's article saying that slouching and poor posture doesn't cause back pain - it does!

‚ÄčIn response to the article in The Guardian recently, Nick Potter says the following:

At last! Some decent academic research and outcome studies have come up with something sensible with regards to back pain.  But as usual NICE have come up with a reason not to fund expensive treatment and don’t actually go on to say what DOES work or announce new approaches to be used by the NHS. The poor GPs at the coal face have 7-10 mins to help someone and realise it’s easier to give a drug than tell them it’s stress reduction and exercise they need.

As a clinician and having worked in a neurosurgical centre for 25 years, I know that patients are over medicated and too often undergo nasty operations, most of which don’t work or mean you have more operations to fix the old ones.

The whole reason the Bakpro product was invented was in the knowledge that an intricate interplay of stress, anxiety and poor sleep produce the muscle tension which leads to pain in the soft tissues.
This in combination with muscular imbalance, deconditioning and too little movement cause spinal and joint stiffness.

Most pain is ultimately a fear or anger response, manifested in the body, because the person concerned cannot air it to their family or work environment.  Sometimes it even goes way back to their past.

Once people understand that most pain does not mean ‘harm’ they feel reassured and confident to do things which they previously thought would make them worse.

Employers need to do their bit too. They can have a direct impact on the hours people do but more importantly the ‘culture’ within which they work. Internal competition within companies is encouraged but creates withdrawal of workers from each other and a breakdown in mutual trust and support. The result?  Fear, anger and mistrust.  Admitting stress is seen as a weakness so they don’t and just get worse.  Producing a physical pain is more acceptable and so they express it through their tissues.
We also have got lazy and think that it is easier to take pills than to take responsibility to make a few life changes and get permanently better.

Breathe, sleep, stretch and deal with the source of stress.  It’s not rocket science.

Bakpro does it all!  Why wouldn’t you buy it?